Puppy Dog Pet Cleaning Grooming Deodorizing Wipes For Daily Use- 150 Mildly Scented Wipes (3 Canister Pack)

Brand: Mednet DIrect

Product Code: MDUW57-3

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  • EXTRA SOFT – These pet wipes are soft and gentle enough to be used on cats and dogs of all ages. Also great for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small pets.
  • MILD SCENT - These grooming wipes keeps your pet smelling clean and fresh. Great alternative for giving pets a bath while traveling or for convenience at home.
  • GENTLY CLEANS AND DEODORIZES - Great for washing your pet’s paws, eyes, hair, ears, wrinkles, and bottoms. Use these wipes every time your pet comes in from outside.
  • MADE WITH ALOE AND LANOLIN - These dog cleaning wipes contain no alcohol to gently clean your pets fur while conditioning their coat and making it soft and shiny.
  • ALLERGY FRIENDLY - These dog grooming wipes help remove dander from your pets that can cause allergy symptoms. Stop dirt and debris from entering your home by using these pet wipes.