30 x 30 XX-Large Value Doggy Training Puppy Pads - 100 Count

Brand: Mednet Direct

Product Code: 13030DP

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The Value Doggy Training Puppy Pads are the perfect pet pads for protecting your home from stains and odors. 

  • The XX-large potty training pads are ideal if you have a large dog breed, like a Rottweiler, English Mastiff or a Great Dane. 
  • Made with three layers of protection, these dog mats have what it takes to prevent stains and odors. 
  • You can use these pads anywhere you need them, from the floor to your pet's bed. 

Dogs bring so much love and affection into our lives, but the reality is that accidents happen. Don't let an accident come between you and your furry friend. Instead, protect your home with Value Doggy Training Puppy Pads from Mednet Direct. These pads come with three layers of built-in protection, including a leak-proof plastic backing, making them more reliable and absorbent than any other puppy mats on the market. Save more by taking advantage of our bulk sizing and shipping options! 

  • XX-Large
  • 30" x 30"
  • 100 Count