17 x 24 Small 3-Layer Value Doggy Training Puppy Pads- 100 Count


$12.99 $24.99

Product Description

Protect your home like never before with the 3-Layer Value Doggy Training Puppy Pads. 

  • These small pads are the perfect size for small dog breeds, like dachshunds, beagles, poodles and chihuahuas — they're also great for cats!
  • With a built-in pheromone that entices puppies to use them, these pads are ideal for potty training. 
  • A leak-proof backing and one-of-a-kind cellulose filling make these potty training mats the most reliable on the market. 

If you're in the midst of potty training your puppy, then we don't need to tell you how infuriating and frustrating the process can be. Luckily though, the 3-Layer Value Doggy Training Puppy Pads make potty training a whole lot easier. How? These potty training pads for puppies contain a pheromone, which will attract your puppy to do their business on them. Not only do these pads help to take some of the stress out of training, but they also offer a whole new level of protection of your home. 

  • Small
  • 17" x 24"
  • 100 Count