23 x 36 Large Value Doggy Training Puppy Pads - 150 Count

Brand: Mednet Direct

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Keep your home safe from stains and odors with the Value Doggy Training Puppy Pads. 

  • From carpeting to upholstery, these puppy pads can be used to protect almost any area of your home, office or vehicle.
  • With three layers of protection, you won't have to worry about stains or odors in your home with these pads on your side. 
  • These large pads are perfect for homes with medium to large dog breeds, including Setters, Bloodhounds and Dalmations.

Are you potty training a puppy, or do you have an older dog at home who has trouble holding it? If so, look no further than Value Doggy Training Puppy Pads. These pet pads are unlike any others you'll find on the market, and they offer protection you can truly depend on. Each and every pad is equipped with three layers of protection — a soft, attractive surface, a super-absorbent core and a leak-proof plastic backing — allowing for next-level absorption and protection against stains. 

  • Large
  • 23" x 36"
  • 150 Count