All About Puppy Pads

How Puppy Pads Work

The philosophy behind puppy pads is pretty simple one: puppy mats teach your puppy to eliminate on the pad, rather than your carpet or furniture. Puppy pads come in an assortment of sizes to accommodate the needs of any size dog, from a small poodle to a large golden retriever. We have the best puppy pads because they are super absorbent and allow for easy clean-up. Take an in-depth look at how puppy pads work to help train your new pet.

Puppy Pads are easy to use, and you'll have your new pet trained in three easy steps. Best of all, they work every time.

1.) Choose your puppy pad size; they come in three sizes to meet the needs of your pet.

2.) Place the puppy pad on your carpet, bedding, furniture or even in the pet's bed. Your puppy will naturally be drawn to eliminate on the pad, and not your carpet or furniture — keeping your investments clean and dry.

3.) Gradually move the puppy pad toward your backyard door and, eventually, outside. In no time, your puppy will be housebroken and happy to go outside to his/her business.

Once your pet is housebroken, puppy pads should be kept on hand for other pet uses.

Puppy Pads serve older pets, as well as young ones. Sometimes, when older pets get hurt or sick, it is difficult for them to go outside. Keeping puppy pads for these times will help your older pet keep their dignity, and help keep them comfortable in their time if need.

Puppy Pads are essential if you reside in an apartment or townhouse where, sometimes, your pet is unable to go outside due to weather or other reasons. Your pet won't feel uncomfortable or guilty for relieving themselves on the puppy pads within your home.

Puppy Pads are great to keep on hand just in case of the occasional accidents from your pet or a visiting pet. Sometimes, pets are uncomfortable in a new environment and might have an accident. If you are one to take your dog long road trips or travel with your furry companion, puppy pads are a must. It's not always convenient to stop off along the side of the road, and some rest areas don't allow pets. Keep your pet comfortable while traveling with the security of puppy pads. You can then easily toss them at the next rest stop!