MedNet Direct have been supplying our customers with the highest quality Puppy Pads for over 10 years! 

MedNet Direct has sold millions and millions of pet mats, from the smallest to the largest pads available anywhere. Our Ultra Puppy Pads® line absorbs over twice the leading brands, which adds up to as much as eight cups of liquid — that's two quarts! After working with the largest retailers, we now sell direct to you, and as a result, you save big by buying direct. By offering 100-count to 300-count cases, we are able to save money and produce fewer boxes, which helps protect the environment. By buying direct and in bulk, you save and don’t have to reorder as often!

Puppy pads have many uses other than just for that special member of your family. Pads are used to line all kinds of cages, from cages for birds to guinea pigs and everything in between!  They work great as the largest paper towel in the house for cleaning up spills. Many of our customers use them as disposable changing stations for their babies. 

We are in the process of partnering up with one of the largest pet product manufacturers in the world to bring you even better product selection, pricing and free pet goodies.