Honeywell 0.15 cu. ft. Waterproof 30-Minute Fire Chest with Key Lock, 1102

Brand: Mednet Direct

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Keep your important items safe by using the Honeywell Waterproof Fire Chest. This item is waterproof for up to 48 hours under a 39-inch water depth. The Honeywell fire chest is large enough to hold envelopes, media devices and digital drives. It allows you to secure all of your important personal items in the case of unplanned situations. This unit features dual compression latches that add to its security. You will be able to rest at ease knowing that all of your important documents are being protected at all times. This fireproof document box also has a handle that makes it easy for you to transport or quickly grab it and go if you need to move quickly. During a fire or a flood, you will not have to be concerned about your important items. You can gather your loved ones and get to safety as soon as possible without trying to look around for your valuables. Keep this Honeywell Waterproof Fire Chest in your home to protect irreplaceable items.
Honeywell .15 cu ft Waterproof 30-Minute Fire Chest, 1102:
  • The fire lock box is waterproof for up to 48 hours, 39"/1m depth
  • #10 envelope, folded documents, CDs/DVDs, and digital drives
  • Protects paper documents and digital media
  • Honeywell fire chest has dual compression latches
  • Handle
  • Lifetime after-fire guarantee
  • Model# 1102