With ULTRA 5-Layer Doggy Training Puppy Pads on your side, potty training doesn't have to be frustrating. 

  • These potty training mats have four layers of protection, giving you peace of mind and next-level protection. 
  • With a plastic backing on each and every pad, you'll never have to worry about leaks or nasty odors in your home. 
  • You can protect virtually anything with our puppy pads, from upholstery to carpeting. 

If you're looking for the ultimate potty training mats to protect your home, look no further than the ULTRA 5-Layer Doggy Training Puppy Pads from Mednet Direct. With the ability to absorb up to eight cups of liquid, the ULTRA series of pads are our most absorbent yet, and they offer twice the absorbency of the standard pads you'll find at your local pet store. When you protect your home with these pet mats, you'll gain the peace of mind knowing that all stains and odors will be kept at bay. 

  • XX-Large
  • 30" x 36"
  • 50 Count