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Top 5 Most Hyper Dog Breeds

We know that every dog is a unique individual with different wants, needs, and personalities.

What is hard to argue though, is that a dog's breed can affect certain aspects of it such as general temperament, size, hair type, and even, yes - energy levels!

We've done the research to give you a concise breakdown on the top 5 most hyper dog breeds. This is not an all-inclusive list, as there were certainly many top contenders. Feel free to comment!

Now let's get started!

1) Siberian Husky

Originating in cold climates, the Siberian Husky makes for an excellent cold-weather companion, as well as a naturally-gifted long-distance runner. These dogs are often seen as sledding companions.

2) Dalmatian

Originally used to pull carriages, the Dalmatian has always needed a lot of energy to keep up. You might have seen them often depicted as fire-fighting companions. Either way, this breed is needs a lot of exercise!

3) Australian Shepherd

Natural herding instincts coupled with a high-level intelligence, Australian Shepherds require a lot of room, and a lot of exercising to stay happy.

4) Border Collie

A very athletic dog - if you like taking long runs then this is an ideal breed. Full of energy and always ready to be on the move!

5) Vizsla

Hungarian in origin, these bird-hunting dogs are born to run, track, and just be generally active overall. Expect them to need daily intensive activity, whether it's playing ball, going for long runs, running through dog obstacle courses, or actually hunting!

To Sum Up

There are many hyper and energetic dog breeds, and it's up to us as owners to make sure they get the exercise that they need on a daily basis. This keeps dogs engaged, happy, and healthy.

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