Tips for Potty Training Stubborn Dogs

No dog is untrainable.

Potty training is easy with some dogs and so frustrating that you want to pull your hair out with other dogs. In our last blog series, we went over the most-difficult-to-potty-train dog breeds, but individual dogs from any breed can be difficult to train. But, no matter how difficult your dog is to train, it’s important to note that no dog is untrainable; you have to know the right approach. Here are a few tips to help make potty training your stubborn dog easier.

#1. Reinforce the training with treats, praise and other rewards.

Many people aren’t in love with the idea of giving their dogs treats and praise during training, believing that the dog is only doing what they want because they are rewarded. However, you should know that using positive reinforcement is the fastest and most effective way to train a dog. Dogs, and especially the most stubborn dogs, don’t always respond well to punishment, and if they fear you or feel that you want to hurt them, it will complicate your relationship and make training that much harder.

#2. Be consistent.

This is probably the most important aspect of training your dog to do just about anything. The more you repeat the same behaviors over and over again, the more they’ll be ingrained in your dog. Even though you may intend to train your dog sometimes, it’s important to realize that they are always watching you and learning from you. And if you’re not consistent with your reactions to things, it will only confuse your dog.

#3. Give your dog a safe place to go inside.

Many of the dog breeds we went over in our previous blog series are difficult to train because they refuse to go outside when it’s cold or wet outside. With these dogs, no amount of bribery is going to convince them to want to go stand in the rain, and you’ll be able to keep your sanity better if you give them a safe place to go inside. One way to do that is by using a super-absorbent puppy mat from Mednet Direct!

While some dogs are especially stubborn and hard to train, that doesn’t mean that they are untrainable. We hope that these tips will help you successfully train your dog once and for all, and that you take advantage of our puppy mats during the process because they really do make it easier! Check out our previous blog to learn how to use our potty training mats to train your dog. Shop our puppy pads today!