The Many Alternative Uses for Puppy Mats Part 3

Primarily, puppy mats are used to protect your home from pet accidents, but there are so many additional uses.

Whether you’re potty training a new puppy or protecting your home from an incontinent pet, there’s no better option than a puppy mat from Mednet Direct. Our mats are ultra absorbent and reliable, providing next-level protection you can depend on no matter what. However, there are many more uses for our pet pads than just the main use, and in this blog series, we’ve touched on several of them. Read part one and part two of this series to learn about the uses we’ve covered so far, and keep reading to learn more.

#11. Pet Bowls

Pets aren’t always the cleanest eaters. This is especially true if you feed your pet wet food, which can easily get into the carpet if it has spilled. Pets can also slop and drip water when they drink water. One of the best ways to protect your flooring at meal times is to place a pet mat underneath the pet bowls. And, since they’re disposable, you can simply throw away and replace them when they get dirty or wet.

#12. Science Experiments

The Science Fair is a great opportunity for your child to put their smarts to the test. No matter what kind of science fair project your child might want to take on, whether it’s building a volcano, growing a potato or sucking an egg into a bottle, things could get messy. Luckily, with a pet pad, your child has a safe place to conduct even the messiest experiment.

#13. Shoes

Fall is on its way, and winter isn’t too far behind it. That means that, before you know it, the ground will constantly be wet and muddy. Additionally, plenty of other nasty things can get stuck to the bottom of your shoes when you’re out and about. Instead of tracking it all into your home and onto your carpet, take off your shoes before you come in and place them on a pet mat at the entrance of your home. Any moisture on your shoes will be absorbed, and if they’re overly muddy, you can simply throw the mat away when you’re done with it.

#14. Countertops

Your countertops are a great place to use puppy mats. If you frequently cook with meat, and you want to avoid getting food poisoning, you’ll need to scrub your countertops with bleach on a regular basis. But, if you’re looking for an easy way to keep your countertops clean in the first place, put a puppy mat down.

#15. Arts and Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way to stay busy, especially if you have small children at home who are easily bored. Crafting allows people of all ages to access their creativity and imagination, but it’s not always the cleanest activity. What’s more is that many markers and paints can permanently stain your carpet or other flooring. Before you start crafting, lay down a few pet mats.

#16. Spills

In addition to preventing spills and accidents from staining your floors, you can also use pet mats to clean up spills. They are especially useful when it comes to big spills that would normally take multiple towels to soak up. Pet mats are far more absorbent than paper towels or regular towels, so they make cleaning up large spills a breeze.

#17. Hair Dye

Dying your hair at home is a big money saver compared to getting your hair professionally dyed at the salon. However, more than one bathroom has been ruined by hair dye that has spilled or dripped. Don’t put your bathroom at risk. Instead, protect it by laying down a few pet mats before you start dying your hair.

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Pet mats are not only ideal for training your pet and protecting your home from pet accidents, they are useful for so many different things that go well beyond their original use. However, not all pet pads are made equal. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a subpar pet mat. Instead, shop with us at Mednet Direct for high-quality puppy pads that you can rely on no matter what. Shop with us today!