The Many Alternative Uses for Puppy Mats

Puppy mats are useful for so many different things.

Puppy mats are excellent for potty training new puppies and protecting your home from accidents, but they are useful for far more things than just for puppies. Today, the professionals at Mednet Direct are touching on the many ways you can use our ultra-absorbent puppy pads in your home and in your life:

#1. Grooming

Grooming your pet often ends in a big mess, with hair, soap and water all over your clothes and the floor. Puppy pads help to make cleaning up after grooming incredibly easy, and the mats from Mednet Direct are absorbent enough to handle even the biggest grooming mess.

#2. Refrigerator

Of all of the household chores, cleaning out the refrigerator is one of the worst items on any to-do list. Instead of being forced to scrub out your refrigerator, save the time and elbow grease by lining your refrigerator shelves with pet mats. Puppy mats are especially good for lining your refrigerator because they are absorbent enough to handle it when the BBQ sauce gets tipped over and spills everywhere.

#3. Shopping Cart Seat

When you take your child with you to the store, sitting them in the cart is the best way to prevent them from sneaking all kinds of chips, cookies and other junk food into the cart, and from running around like a crazy person while you’re trying to get through your grocery list. However, these seats can be nasty. In fact, according to a study conducted by the Environmental Research Lab at the University of Arizona, grocery carts rank number three on the list of the grossest public items you can touch. Swabs of shopping cards have found all kinds of icky things, from blood and mucus to urine and fecal matter. Protect your child by lining your cart with a puppy pad!

#4. Diaper Changing Pads

Changing a baby’s diaper while you’re on the go isn’t always easy, and it’s not like you can take their dirty diaper off just anywhere. Luckily, having a spare pet pad with you can really help. When you have a pet pad with you, you’ll always have a clean, sanitary place to change your baby’s diaper, no matter where you are.

#5. Transporting Dishes

If you’re bringing food to a potluck or a party, you need a safe way to transport it. If it’s cookies, brownies or something else that’s solid, it’s much easier than if it’s a liquid-based dish or a saucy dish that could spill, leaving you with a big mess in your vehicle. Utilize a puppy pad to protect your vehicle from any spills.

Shop Mednet Direct for the best, most-absorbent puppy pads available.

Whether you’re using puppy pads to protect your home against puppy accidents or to line your refrigerator, you need to know that you can rely on them. Luckily, Mednet Direct offers the most reliable puppy mats available today. Shop our high-quality puppy mats today, and stay tuned for our next blog to learn about more alternative uses for our pads.