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The Biggest Puppy Potty Training Myths Debunked

When it comes to puppy potty training, there are a lot of myths out there that could make the process more difficult and frustrating than it has to be.

There’s no doubt about it, potty training a puppy can be difficult enough as it is. But, when you believe the many myths out there about potty training, it makes the whole thing even more frustrating and difficult. At Mednet Direct, we’ve set out to make potty training your puppy as easy as possible with our high-quality potty training pads, but we also know just how much believing these myths can set you back. That’s why, in this blog series, we’re debunking the most common potty training myths out there.

Myth #1. If you punish your puppy, they will know not to do their business inside.

There are many ways that people punish their dogs for going inside, including rubbing their nose in it, yelling at them or spanking them. But, the fact is that, if you aren’t able to react while your dog is actually having an accident, they probably won’t associate the punishment with the accident at all. Dogs have notoriously short memories, and if you punish them too late, they’ll start to associate the punishment with whatever they were doing at the moment, whether it be sleeping or playing with their toys. Another reason why yelling, rubbing their nose in it and other kinds of discipline generally aren’t effective for potty training is that they can lead to your dog forming negative associations with their own bodily functions. This leads some puppies to eat their own feces in an attempt to get rid of the evidence that they had an accident, and that can be dangerous for your puppy due to all of the bacteria present in the feces. Additionally, your puppy might be so afraid that they will go somewhere hidden, and you may not find the accident in time to clean it up before it stains your floor or furniture. If your dog becomes too afraid of you, they may not want to do their business around you at all, even outside where they are supposed to.

Myth #2. Your puppy knows they shouldn’t go inside because they look guilty when you discipline them for an accident.

What many dog owners mistake as feelings of guilt, are actually signs that your puppy is afraid of you and wants you to stop punishing them. And, if you believe that your puppy is feeling guilty, it can make the entire process harder and more frustrating than necessary, because that means that your puppy is having an accident on purpose, even though they know it’s wrong. But, the fact is that your puppy isn’t feeling guilty; they are just afraid of you. This fear comes from taking the disciplinary approach to potty training, which we’ve already learned is counterproductive.

Myth #3. Some dogs breeds are just too dumb to train.

Some breeds, like border collies and Australian shepherds, are considered to be smarter breeds, and some other breeds may be considered to be dumber. However, it is a complete myth that some dog breeds are smarter than others. Yes, some breeds are better suited for learning and performing certain tasks than others, but not one study has found that certain breeds are more intelligent than others. The fact is that any and every dog is intelligent enough to be trained properly, no matter their breed. You just have to have the patience and willingness to train them.

We hope that learning the truth about these common myths will help make potty training your puppy easier and less stressful, but there are many more myths that need debunking. Be sure to stay tuned for our next blog to learn about more common myths, and in the meantime, shop with us online at Mednet Direct today. Our puppy pads are super absorbent and designed to provide your home with the ultimate in protection. Plus, they have a pheromone that attracts your puppy to use them, making the entire potty training process much, much easier. With us, every purchase comes with a 100-percent money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. Order your puppy pads today!

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