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Should We Use Hand Sanitizer?

Is Hand Sanitizer Worth It?

Today we are tackling the question of hand sanitizer; should we be using it? Why use hand sanitizer if we already have antibacterial soap in our home?

Well - for starters, we do recommend using antibacterial hand-soap whenever you can, and in today’s world and situation, as frequently as possible to help prevent the build-up and spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

With that being said, what happens when you leave out on errands for several hours, or are at work all day? It’s difficult to bring along a whole bottle of that soap we keep in our kitchen with us wherever we go. Just because we stop bringing that bottle doesn’t mean that the spread of germs stops. That’s where hand sanitizer comes in.

The portability of hand sanitizer ensures that no matter what, you are combating harmful bacteria. Keeping a small bottle in your car, bag, or purse gives opportunities to sanitize whereas otherwise germs would be given the opportunity to build up and transfer.

Another plus of hand sanitizer is that you don’t need a water source in order to utilize it. Avoiding trips to public bathrooms (when you don’t need to actually use them) is a nice bonus! Sanitizing stations are easy to set up, whether at work or somewhere else, versus setting up soap stations that require a sink with running water right by them at all times.

Make no mistake, washing your hands with antibacterial soap is VERY IMPORTANT to combat all forms of harmful bacteria, but hand sanitizer gives everyone the immediate resource to be clean and safe no matter where we are.

It’s up to all of us to stay healthy during this unprecedented time of Covid-19, whether it’s practising social distancing, wearing appropriate masks when needed, or using antibacterial hand-soap and hand sanitizer.

Stay safe!

  • Jul 20, 2020
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