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How Long Should You Walk Your Dog?
Taking your dog for a walk is undoubtedly a wonderful way to exercise and bond with them. The time you spend walking with your pup is an important factor for their daily health too. While trying to decide on a distance or time limit, remember that every dog is different!
Think of every dog as an individual human.
What I mean by this is that each dog handles varying distances and types of geography (such as inclines, declines, etc.) differently, much like people do. It’s important to consider their size, age, weight, and other factors affecting health.
Walking has multiple benefits for dogs including:
  1. Healthy Weight Maintenance

  2. Stronger Joints

  3. Digestive Aid
Many dogs can benefit from 30 minutes of exercise to upwards of 2 hours of it.
Knowing your pet’s limits is important. Maybe they can go a full 2 hours walking, or maybe they need to split that time up throughout the day. Take your pup out for a stroll and see how they are doing. Pay attention to their breathing and whether or not they are limping, and go from there! Learn to recognize their signs of physical exhaustion and you’ll soon get a great idea of how long and far to walk them.
As always, don’t forget some doggie bags, which you can buy HERE.
Another factor to keep in mind is weather. You will go farther more easily when it is less sunny and hot than when it is scorching outside. Collapsing bowls (with water) for your pets can make a huge difference while out in conditions like these.
In short summary:
  1. Be aware of your dog’s physical condition/health

  2. Try walking anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours

  3. Be prepared with bags and water
If you follow these steps you and your dog should be well on your way to many wonderful walks!
  • Jun 14, 2019
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