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Effective Masks and Testing to Save Our Seniors

Effective Masks and Testing

A quick introduction, I am the owner of the website MednetDirect.com, this article is based on my observations  on what is occurring with the medical mask market today.

 Homemade Masks and Cloth Masks offer Little if any Protection


Viruses are spread through both droplets and aerosols.   Please see this link for an effective demonstration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cTOUNwb5Fc

 Am I safe if I stay 6 feet Away?

 Spoiler Alert, there is No Shortage of Masks or Tests

We’ve all been misled or misinformed, there is ABSOLUTELY no shortage of medical masks in this country.  Buying FDA/CE registered product is not difficult if you are a large entity, or anyone willing to buy 1,000 masks or more.  Politicians holding press conferences on this item would be better served to Google, Alibaba.  A confession here and now, I have 4 separate suppliers that each have over 1,000,000 registered, certified KN95 masks they need to move and are the product is all located here in the US.  One has over 5 million units.  Fraud does exist, but it’s been overstated and can easily avoided by looking up the manufacturer of these products on The FDA or CE databases.  

Second Spoiler Alert, Entrepreneurs are Discouraged from Selling Masks

It’s almost impossible to list and sell these needed products on large digital platforms, if you play by the rules.  Using the Social Media advertising for these masks is not allowed, Google is not allowed, if you play by the rules.  The rationale is price gouging,  which is basically defined as the price increase from these products before the Pandemic.  The challenge is that the demand has become universal where it was a relatively small group prior to the Pandemic.  

Selling to consumers is very challenging.  As with most entrepreneurs in this category I am forced into the wholesale and commercial markets.  Companies have been buying these products to protect their employees and customers, and of course to manage the risks of being sued if any employees or customers become infected.  It’s just reality. 

One Solution is Let Retailers Advertise and Sell these Products

If we opened up the markets to sell masks that actually filtered out 95% of Pathogens,  and made it socially acceptable,  If we had every Medical Practice do rapid testing for entry into the Clinic,  and we took temperatures we most likely would have stopped this epidemic much sooner.  

What about the Shortage for our Front-Line Workers?

How can I as a small business owner have access to millions of masks and tests but Medical Practitioners and large hospitals do not?  I guess because I will go on Alibaba and do the work necessary to verify the product, or DHGate and find a Wholesaler in the US and start talking to Freight Forwarders.  I understand it takes a few hours, but our Doctors are the Valedictorians of our Country, seems like they could do this, except they are busy saving lives.  As a side note we have donated over $5,000 in PPE to a small medical practice on the front line.  These people are hero's and must be protected.  If the supplies for everyone to have these masks are available wouldn't the best way to protect front line workers be to reduce the number of infections.  The masks are available, somehow we have made them difficult to buy.  

Whose fault is this then?  We all want a group to Blame; let me see who can We Blame?


Our Favorite Groups to Blame

  1. News; Fake and Realish
    1. Sure, why not, or we could be smart enough to just wear an effective mask and get tested and not go to beach parties? Besides we all hate the news, not ours just the other political party, right?
  2. Politicians (Be a politician to go from Rags to Riches)
    1. Again, sure; they are so effective at everything else. I thought our founding fathers’ sort of designed things so that the politicians would not be able to effect real control over the population like the Monarchies they escaped.  Tests and Masks seem pretty effective instead of shutting down millions of business and hand out Trillions in Bailouts.  But they do seem to be pretty good at making themselves rich from elected offices. 
  3. Kardashians
    1. Again, why not? I thought they would be selling designer masks of posteriors by now. I’m a little annoyed they haven’t.
  4. Greed
    1. Of course not! We care more about the American worker than a lower price.  Things that make you say, Hmmm come to mind here.  Unless its entertainment we are, Cheap. 
  5. All of the above (excluding C), The Kardashians probably have attorneys on speed dial.

 A New Modest Proposal, not John Swifts

Let Entrepreneurs who have wholesale access to vast supplies sell on the world’s most efficient markets. Competition will drive prices down, there is no shortage. 

Let the CE Certification Stand as an alternative for FDA for Covid related supplies and tests.  Are the standards of the FDA more important than the CE?

Enforce the Use of Masks that actually prevent the spread of the Virus.  Everyone has to wear a seatbelt.  This seems more necessary in our current environment. 

Picture the elders of your tribe

Do me a favor Picture the Elders of your Tribe, its ok to be selfish on this one, I’ll give you the permission, no political correctness needed.

Have you noticed how grateful they are for a simple text, call or Video Call? 

How sad is it that we won’t wear face masks? How shameful are the digital, and retail giants for not allowing this product to easily and cheaply flow into the hands of our society?  

We are putting the wisest most accomplished group we have, at risk every day. Because we want to go to the beach or not wear an effective face mask.

So, who is to blame?  Possibly we all are out of concern of price gouging or protecting front line workers or just self interest.  The fundamental premise that there is a shortage of effective masks is flawed,  and its making it more difficult for us to protect our seniors.  

Thank you

Tim Frank


  • May 27, 2020
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Missy October 07, 2020

Much food for thought. Thank you for a well-written article, it makes sense to allow sellers access to individual consumers; it’s in everyone’s best interest.

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