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Do You Safely Discard Your Mask?

During the time of Covid-19, we’ve all had to make drastic changes to our everyday lives. We now live in an unprecedented time, where remote work, social distancing, and mask-wearing is becoming the new norm.

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While the general populace is starting to practice more safety, there is now a new problem...litter.

In public spaces far and wide, improperly discarded PPE masks, gloves, and more lay scattered. The CDC has stated that the virus may be on these discarded items, which could lead to further infection.

In order to limit the spread of Covid-19, proper disposal of PPE masks is critical.

So….how do we do this?

We’ve outlined the steps below!


  1. Front of the mask/respirator is considered contaminated — DO NOT TOUCH!

  2. Grasp bottom ties or elastics of the mask/respirator, then the ones at the top, and remove without touching the front

  3. Discard in a waste container

This is taken directly from the CDC, who’s helpful PDF of PPE donning and discarding can be found HERE.

Another thing to remember is that animals, such as birds, dogs, cats, and more may become trapped or entangled in improperly discarded PPE.

Be sure to always find a proper waste receptacle for your used gear, and together, we can help limit the spread of Covid-19!

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  • Sep 08, 2020
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