Can You Train a Cat to Use Pet Pads?

Potty training pads are primarily used by puppies, but can you train a cat to use them?

Believe it or not, puppy potty training pads aren’t just for puppies; cats can use them, too! Pee pads work pretty much the same way they do for your cat as they do for your dog. Some cats just aren’t that excited about using a litter box. There are many possible reasons for this, from medical issues, like urinary tract infections, to stress, old age and behavioral problems. Luckily, if your cat will go just about anywhere other than their litter box, you can use potty training pads to protect your home.

When to Use Pee Pee Pads for Your Cat

#1. Your cat sprays.

Just as dogs mark their territories, so do cats. Tom cats will spray to mark their territory, as will some female cats. Spraying is more common in households with more than one cat, as a way to compete for spots in the house, food, your affection, etc. But, regardless of why a cat sprays, you don’t want the stains or smells in your home, and a pet pad can help to protect your home. Simply use a pee pad in the spot where they tend to spray, and you’ll save yourself from having to scrub a stain.

#2. Your cat refuses to go in the litter box.

Some cats simply prefer not to do their business in a litter box. There could be many reasons for this. Maybe you don’t clean the litter box frequently enough, the box isn’t the right size for your cat or the kind of litter you’re using is irritating to your cat. Until you’re able to troubleshoot why exactly your cat won’t use the litter box, a pet pad can help to protect your home. And, when you are able to determine and address why your cat won’t use their litter box, you can use the potty training pads to teach your cat to go in the litter box again.

#3. Your cat is sick or injured.

In a perfect world, our pets would always be healthy and happy, but unfortunately, the world is far from perfect. Cats can get sick or injured just like dogs and people can, and sometimes, it prevents your cat from getting to their litter box when they need to, and using pet pads will help to prevent those accidents from soiling and stinking up your home.

#4. Your cat frequently misses the litter box.

Cats are known as very clean, hygienic creatures, but this reputation doesn’t apply to every single cat. Some cats are messier than we’d like them to be, even when they use their own litter boxes. If your cat tends to aim poorly when they use the litter box, use a large pet pad underneath it to prevent their accident from damaging your floor.

#5. Your cat is aging.

Cats will often slow down as they age, and the older your cat gets, the more difficult it becomes for them to control their bladder and get to the litter box when they need to. Having pet pads in your home will give your cat a safe place to go and will keep your flooring free of stains and nasty odors.

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