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Best Beer Pong Strategy

We’re going to talk about one of the greatest and most majestic sports ever created. Surprisingly, it’s not football, it’s not hockey, baseball, or even basketball, and it’s certainly not soccer. We’re talking about Beer Pong, the sport of champions. People around the world recognize the irresistible pull to the game that is Beer Pong. Win or lose, you’re bound to have a lot of fun when playing a match of Beer Pong, but if you’re serious about winning, you’re going to need a serious strategy. Here are some tips to improve your Beer Pong strategy and give yourself the best chance of ruling the night, or day, who says you can’t play Beer Pong in the afternoon?

Hold Back on Pre-Drinking

This might be difficult or even painful for some of you to do, but if you really want to win, you’re going to need to be at the top of your game, which means you should hold back on pre-drinking. Sometimes this isn’t always feasible as Beer Pong doesn’t usually follow an exact schedule.


For example, it’s quite common for someone who has already been hitting it pretty hard all night to suddenly exclaim, “Beer Pong, let’s do it!” If you’ve already been drinking you might be at a disadvantage. While it’s not exactly practical to abstain from drinking the whole night just in case someone decides to call a game of Beer Pong, it’s best to keep your wits about you regardless. It’s worth noting that some people actually play better once they’ve had a few as long as a few is less than ten.  

Know Your Opponent

Regardless of what sport you’re playing, knowing your opponent is always a good strategy. Some players are much more interested in drinking more beer than in winning which means they might be liable to lose on purpose. If you know the opponents on your team, you can gauge how hard they will play and how difficult they will be to beat.


Watch out for the athletes like the boys from the football team, odds are they might take the game a wee bit more seriously. Anyone with a competitive nature will play harder and make for a tougher opponent. Keep in mind that while knowing your opponent is critical to victory in a game of Beer Pong, knowing your teammates is just as important! Make sure you have a solid team before starting the game.

Work Your Way From the Front to the Back

Some of the best Beer Pong players have indicated that one of the best strategies is to work your way from the cups in the front to the cups in the back. The strategy makes sense and is designed to help you get easy points to put you off to a good start before going for the cups in the back which are harder to hit. This strategy will also help you buy time, if your opponent is significantly less skilled or less fortunate than yourself, there’s a chance that they will lose before you even get to the cups in the back.

Bring the Right Equipment

Although most folks aren’t fussy about the equipment used to play a round of Beer Pong, one must honor the game. Even if you don’t take the game all that seriously, you can’t beat the convenience of a Topless Beer Can Opener, see, it even sounds sexy! With a Topless Beer Can Opener like this one, you can easily remove the tops off of all your beer cans and voila, you’ve got everything you need to play!



It also makes opening cans easier for those with longer finger nails, or even arthritis. Consider making life easier with a Topless Beer Can Opener today!


If you want bonus points you can look at it this way, by saving all of those plastic cups and playing Beer Pong with the cans that you already have on hand, you’re helping to reduce the strain on the environment by using less plastic. By using a Topless Beer Can Opener you can make Beer Pong a Green sport, but enough of that tree-hugging-hogwash, it’s time to get a hold of one of those fancy doohickies and play! 


As a final tip, don’t forget to eat! If you keep your buzz going strong while in play you’re going to need to keep your strength up by eating enough food. Your stomach and your friends will thank you for it, no one likes barf in their beer, that’s just wrong. 

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