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Airport Travel During Covid-19

Are you still having to travel by plane? Are you worried about going through the airport? Today, we cover some tips for being in the airport during Covid-19. 

Without further ado, let’s jump right into this one:

Tip 1: This might be most important; wear a Mask! As always, it is a safe practice to wear a filtering mask whenever you are out in public, and this definitely includes airports. You’ll be required to wear these once you get there, and continue to wear them on the flight.

Tip 2: Wear gloves. This is not done as much, but can go a long way towards protecting yourself and preventing the spread of bacteria and any viruses. Think of all the surfaces we touch during the day without realizing it. Now consider all the stations that we interact with at airports. Gloves can really help out here! Like the mask, be sure to dispose of them safely once you are done.

Tip 3: Have hand sanitizer. In case you do touch some surfaces without gloves, hand sanitizer can really come in handy for disinfecting your hands without you having to find a public bathroom to use the sink. This can be nice while waiting to board, or even while on your flight. Travel-sized hand sanitizer is truly your friend in these situations! 

Tip 4: Social distance. This may be difficult in crowded places at times, but be sure to maintain a safe distance between anyone else not in your party as consistently as you can.

Tip 5: Safely dispose of Used Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Once your airport travel and flight is over, be sure to safely dispose of any masks, gloves, or other PPE that you used during travel.

In conclusion, using these tips can go a long way towards not only protecting yourself, but preventing the spread of Covid-19 in general. They can also be applied anywhere you go, not just airports. An airport is just one place out of many where you can apply these safe practices.

We hope these tips help out, and that everyone has safe travels!

  • Jul 23, 2020
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