A Puppy Potty Training Hack That Can't be Missed

Are you struggling to potty train your puppy?

Potty training a puppy can be hard work, and it takes a lot of time, consistency and patience to get it right. Because of the time and consistency necessary to properly potty train a puppy, the whole process can take even longer if you have a full-time job or are otherwise unable to make it home to take your puppy outside every hour or two. But, there’s one hack that can make the whole thing much easier on both you and your puppy — potty training with a puppy apartment.

What is a puppy apartment?

“Apartment” potty training is a lot like crate training, only you use two crates instead of one, or a large crate with a divider. A standard puppy apartment consists of two rooms — which are actually two separate kennels that have been connected, or a large kennel with a divider in the middle — a bedroom and a bathroom. The “bedroom” is the kennel or area where your puppy will sleep, drink water, play with their toys, etc; whereas, the “bathroom” is the kennel or area where they will relieve themselves when they need to on a puppy pad.

Puppy apartments are better options than using a single kennel, because puppies won’t relieve themselves in the same area they eat, sleep and play, and even the most well-meaning dog owners don’t always have time to run home to let their puppies out every hour or so. Young puppies can’t hold it for long, so the puppy apartment is a positive alternative than making a puppy hold it longer than they are able to, or forcing your puppy to sleep in their own filth.

The Pros and Cons of Training Your Pup Using a Puppy Apartment

Pro - Instinct will guide your puppy on where to do their business.

As we mentioned, puppies won’t use the bathroom in the same area they eat, sleep or play, and this behavior is pure instinct, so you won’t have to do much training with your puppy on how to use their new puppy apartment properly. The one big exception to this rule, however, is if your puppy was made to stay in a single kennel for too long on a regular basis, and they grew accustomed to lying in their own filth. In that case, a puppy apartment may not be the best choice.

Con - You need to be careful with how long your puppy is crated.

Even though a puppy apartment will allow your puppy to relieve themselves when they need to, this does not mean that your puppy should be left in it for too long. But, unfortunately, some owners feel they can leave their puppy in their crate for hours on end, because the puppy can relieve themselves. Your puppy shouldn’t be left in their kennel for more than a few hours at a time, apartment or no.

Pro - It makes it easier to potty train your puppy.

One of the biggest challenges of potty training is the consistency piece. In order for your puppy to learn something, they need repetition, which can be hard to do when you’re not all home day every day with your puppy. When you use a potty training pad that has pheromones in it, like the quality pads at Mednet Direct, your puppy will be compelled to go on the pad, so you won’t have to be there to guide them. Then, when your puppy is ready, you can transition the pad, little by little, from the kennel to the yard.

Con - If you’re not careful, it can reduce your puppy’s much-needed exercise time.

Puppies need to be able to exercise on a regular basis, and taking your puppy on walks is something you should make a point to do daily, regardless of what method you are using to potty train them. But, some puppy parents stop taking their puppies for walks as much — or at all — when they rely on this training method, and that’s not healthy for the puppy.

Pro - There’s no need to reduce your puppy’s access to water.

It’s a common practice to reduce a puppy’s access to water while potty training them, particularly if you aren’t able to be home to let them out quickly enough. But, it’s very important for your puppy’s health to drink plenty of water, and when you use the puppy apartment potty training method, you won’t have to reduce their access to water, even if you’ll be gone for a few hours.

While this method can be a helpful tool in potty training your puppy, it’s important to do it right. We hope that this blog will make potty training your puppy easier, but even if you decide that a puppy apartment is not the right option for your pup, our potty training mats are still a wise investment for preventing damage caused by accidents in your home. Shop our puppy pads today, and contact us if you have questions or concerns.