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7 Ideas for a Happy Dog
7 Ideas for a Happy Dog
 How do you view your dog? It’s likely that you hold them very dear. And why shouldn’t you? They are incredible, loyal, and a joy to be around! They might be your best friend, or even a part of the family, which means you spend a lot of time with them. But what does spending time entail? Maybe it’s frisbee throwing on a sunny day, or hanging out in a shallow, cool river. Either way, we have some more ideas for you and your dog!
Having bonding time with your pet encourages physical and mental stimulation (like the frisbee or running around) that can lead to an overall healthier dog, and stronger bond!
Read on to the end for a great tip that will ensure a healthy, happy dog!
Without further ado, here are 7 ideas that you can start enjoying with your pup today:
 1) Taking them for Walks
This one seems to be one of the all-time favorites for dog owners since it is a convenient way to give your dog and yourself exercise, while getting outside and also giving your pet a chance to use the bathroom, all within the span of 20-30 minutes!
This is a great way to give your dog a chance to safely interact with his/her environment under your supervision too! Now this could be a walk around the block or neighborhood, but it can also be through the community park, or even on the beach! Make sure to know your good boy or girl’s limits though, and for longer walks be sure to bring doggie bags, water, and possibly snacks for them!
2) Puppy Playdates
Here we have one not as common, but still just as valid as any walk! Having even just half an hour or so for your pup to interact with another dog such as your family, friend, or neighbor’s can do wonders for their social skills, and can help relieve anxiety and encourage healthy mental growth. Plus you get a chance to meet more wonderful animals!
Great places to meet include backyards, parks, beaches, or really any open space that is safe for dogs to run around in. As always, be aware of your pet’s physical limits and be sure to have water, snacks, and bags on hand!
3) A Homemade Meal
Making a high-quality meal from fresh ingredients is a lot easier than you would think! Cooking food for pets has been an increasingly popular option to show your furry playpal that you care about them, and want them involved as much as possible! Recipes are listed online all over the place for healthy (and delicious) options for any dog. Be wary of your dog’s allergies, but give this one a try because it is a recipe for fun!
4) Lazy Movie Night
Dogs are loyal and enjoy just being with us, and that includes during tv time! Have a movie you’ve been dying to watch while cozying up with some tea or hot chocolate? Watch it with your pup for some lazy hang-out time!
5) Teach a New Trick
A wonderful way to increase focus and for your dog to flex those brain muscles, learning a new trick reaffirms the bond you two have by sharing a lesson. Maybe it’s to sit, roll-over, shake, or speak, but no matter what there is always something new to be learned! There are different ways to reinforce learning for dogs, but once you find the way you prefer (such as positive reinforcement with a snack) you’ll have a fun activity with your dog that will be working toward a goal you two have together!
6) Go for a Swim
It’s important to acknowledge that not all dogs swim well, or can stay afloat for extended periods of time, so please be sure that your dog is able to swim well, or has a life-vest! Swimming is an incredible way to have fun while exercising while getting some sun, and there are many venues, such as pools, lakes, calm rivers, and many more. So why not give this a try? A fun time with your furry friend!
7) A Day on the Town
Have some errands to run that can include a hairy plus one? Or maybe you just want to spend the day around town? Well bringing your dog along with you incorporates wonderful bonding time that goes back to our walking suggestion up top, but with added options, such as visiting animal stores for toys or treats, or visiting beautiful areas together through your town or city. Plus the opportunity for them to meet new people or animals while knowing you’re by their side makes for a wonderful day, and a happy and energetic pup.
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Thank you, and have fun!
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