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5 Life Hacks to Stop Sciatica Pain in it's Tracks!

Sciatica pain can really hold you back and diminish your quality of life, however, you can take your quality of life back with these 5 life hacks to stop sciatica pain in its tracks! These life hacks will help you manage your sciatica pain better and get more enjoyment out of life.

1.  Use a trigger ball

Using a trigger ball to alleviate pressure along your sciatic nerve can help reduce pain and give you the comfort that you’ve been seeking. This highly effective trigger ball treats piriformis muscle to break up the tension and give you relief.


The same type of ball has been shown to be effective in combating and reducing back pain more generally. Try it out for yourself and start living with less pain by using trigger balls!

2.  Foam Roll

Another thing that can help you manage your sciatica pain is a foam roll. By laying on a foam roll you can relieve some of the pressure that is on your nerve and take the pain down considerably.


This portable foam roll is perfect for anyone suffering from sciatica pain. Not only will it relieve your pain and soothe your nerve, but it will also help you keep your back in good condition. As a bonus, it’s stylish and comes in a variety of colors!


Laying on a foam roll can be very comfortable and is not strenuous, it’s something that you can do almost any time of the day and it will make a difference!

3.  Portable Muscle Gun that can be used in your car

Perhaps one of the most effective life hacks of all for combatting sciatica pain is a portable muscle gun like this one. You can use this portable muscle gun in your car so that you can have relief from sciatica pain on the go!


Portability is a huge advantage as anyone suffering from sciatica pain will know first-hand. It’s hard to plan a trip or travel long distances when you’re in constant pain with no means of relief. A portable muscle gun can solve those problems and offer you the relief you need while traveling. This means that you can finally visit those loved ones who live far away without being in excruciating pain all of the way to their house and back no pun intended.  

4.  Amazing Stretches

While tools like portable muscle guns, trigger balls, and foam rolls are great and highly effective, there are also some stretches that you can do to give yourself relief. Doing these amazing stretches can actually help you manage your sciatica pain in the long term because the stretches will have a more permanent effect on your body.


Doing stretches like this can help improve your general health and make you more flexible whether you have sciatica pain or not.

5.  Car Seat Covers for Sciatica

Car seat covers designed to relieve pain caused by sciatic complications can also help you travel comfortably while living with sciatica pain. A well-designed seat cover like this one can help mitigate your sciatica pain and make travel more comfortable


These seat covers can also help you when you’re sitting at a desk or on the computer. The principle is the same as these seat covers are designed to give you relief just about anywhere that you can sit.

Taking Your Life Back From Sciatica Pain with These Life Hacks

The life hacks that you’ve read through are designed to help you to not just merely cope with sciatica pain, but also to help you take your life back. Sciatica pain is uncomfortable and unfortunate but it doesn’t have to control your life. Now you have 5 distinct ways to fight back against sciatica pain.


You’ll be able to travel longer distances without being inconvenienced by your sciatica pain. By doing the stretches you’ll also be able to go longer without experiencing sciatica pain. All of these life hacks can help you and you’ll find that life is much easier and more enjoyable when you have ways to keep your sciatica pain in check.


Get out there and enjoy life, it’s your life to live and you owe it to yourself to give yourself the best tools possible to combat sciatica pain so that it cannot hinder you or stop you from doing the things that you love!

  • Oct 30, 2020
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